Hello. News about latest changes in Rails delivered to you by Wojtek.
By default it will load records in batches of 100 and allow to specify the custom batch size.
A valid ordinal value will be converted to an instance of TimeWithZone.
In example "21087" value will be parsed to 28-03-2021 date.
It is now possible to use if_exists / if_not_exist on remove_foreign_key / add_foreign_key in database migrations.
It is now possible to configure Active Storage service for storing email raw source via config.action_mailbox.storage_service.
Before the patch, Active Storage representation objects did not play nice with strict loading configuration.
Terser is more up to date with modern javascript features, and the uglifier gem repository recommends using it for minifying ES6+ code.
32 people contributed to Rails since last time. All the changes can be checked here. Until next week!