Hi, Wojtek here presenting quite a lot of changes from the past week.
Dumping the schema is on by default for all databases in an application. To turn it off for a specific database one can now set schema_dump: false in the database config file.
Two new methods were added: association_changed? and association_previously_changed? (assuming an association named :association) to Active Record.
Add allow_other_host options to redirect_to. One can opt in to this behaviour with ActionController::Base.raise_on_open_redirects = true.
Deprecate poltergeist and webkit (capybara-webkit) driver registration for system testing (they will be removed in Rails 7.1) and add cuprite instead.
Float::NaN and BigDecimal::NaN in Ruby are special values and can't be compared with == method.
It will now only output the errors inspection omitting the base object.
It will raise an error if the middleware is not found.
24 people contributed to Rails since last time. All the changes can be checked here. Until next week!