Hello, zzak here! Congrats on making it through another month and another week of Rails development.
They finally fixed that pesky `No route matches [GET] "/favicon.ico"` error on the default Rails welcome page.
This PR started its journey almost exactly a year ago...!
Rails help command now includes the Rake task description which is much more helpful. Give it a try: `bin/rails db:migrate -h`!
Unverified CSRF requests now display a helpful error message in the `ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken` exception.
Recently "Middleware#remove" was added to mirror the behavior of "Middleware#delete" but raise an exception if the middleware isn't found. This name makes more sense as "#delete!".
This PR adds the ability to specify a default value when using "config_accessor".
This PR fixes an issue in actionmailbox when testing inbound email with attachments.
29 people contributed to Rails since last time. All the changes can be checked here. Until next week!