An Incredible Journey™
Hello, this is Godfrey. Today I'm excited to share that our Content Marketing™ team will be joining forces with...

Okay, just kidding – this newsletter is not going away. We did not run out of money, nor did someone pay millions of dollars to acquire your email addresses.

However, this will indeed be my last time writing one of these as a core team member. So, in addition to bringing you the latest Rails news from this week, I would also like to take this opportunity to celebrate this Incredible Journey™ together.

Six years ago, I stumbled upon the awesome folks at Seattle.rb who welcomed me into the Ruby community. A year later, I sent my first patch to Rails – just like some of the first-time contributors from this week. Later on, I worked on my gateway project in Rails under the guidance of the amazing Jeremy Daer, which led me down the path to becoming a regular contributor.

Contributing to Rails was a wonderful learning opportunity for me. Working on a codebase with the breadth, depth and legacy of Rails was an eye-opening experience that taught me skills I couldn't have picked up elsewhere. It has also been a privilege to learn from a team of seasoned developers and other contributors from the community. Give it a go some day, and you will see what I mean!

While doing that, I also started a side project that became this newsletter you are reading. It still blows my mind that over 7000 people (!) are interested in reading about the nitty-gritty of Rails development news every week!

So... thank you all for joining me on this Incredible Journey™! This will not be the last you hear from me though. I'll be around in the community (see you at RailsConf!) and might occasionally pop-in to write one of these or drop by with a patch for Rails – just like what core team alum Jon Leighton did this week.

But how is this going to affect the newsletter? In short, it won't. This newsletter has stopped being a personal project since a very long time ago. Our amazing team of editors will resume sending you the latest Rails news in the usual format next week.

There is going to be one minor change though. Since the very beginning, this newsletter has always been sent from my personal email address for some technical reasons. Over the next few weeks, we will migrate to sending this from It shouldn't require any actions on your part, just don't be alarmed!

Sadly, before we wrap up this issue, I have one last piece of news to deliver. Jason Seifer has passed away last week. You might remember him from his parody videos in the early days, from one of his many podcasts, or perhaps you got introduced to the Ruby community as one of his students. This is a tragic loss for the our community – our thoughts are with his family and friends.
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