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Welcome to This week in Rails, your weekly inside scoop of interesting commits, pull requests and more from Rails.

As you might recall, we have been assembling a team of editors for this newsletter. I am very excited to introduce our first editor Kasper Timm Hansen who has helped prepare today's newsletter for you!

(If that's something you might be interested in doing, let me know!)

I'll let Kasper take it from here.


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Wrapping up

And that's a wrap for this issue of This week in Rails. As always, Rails changes faster than what we can cover here, so do take a look for yourself.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

This is Kasper signing off.

This Week in Rails is completely devoid of newsletter enhancing performance drugs. As such it's safe to share with all your Rails friends!

P.S. Well, a tiny amount of mostly insignificant animals were slightly "dented" during the making of this newsletter. Please advise.