Hola desperados!

Jon (aka Juan el bandido) here saying "Howdy" from the Navarro desert near Pamplona 🇪🇸 to bring you outlaws a back-slappin' sagebrush issue of This Wild Week in Rails 🌵.

We'll be covering a selection of the past 2 weeks' commits. That's a dadgummit lotta ground to cover, so pack a saddlebag o' water, watch out fer rattlesnakes, and dontcha hesitate to click through to the pull requests for more info!






Wrappin' Up, Ye Saddle Bums

Luddy Mussy, ah'm all sewn up! That's all for This Wild Week in Rails 🌵. Der wuz more improvements than we had room to cover here, so doncher hesitate to check 'em out!

'Til next week, amigos!