Hello everyone! This is Roque bringing you the latest news from the Rails world.
Adds support to Redis greater or equal to 3.3, and less than 5.
25 people contributed to Rails the past week! If you'd like to join them, why not check out the list of open issues?
Returns an ActiveStorage::Preview instance to preview a blob, or an ActiveStorage::Variant instance for an image.
The allow_other_host can now block redirects to a different host. The option is true by default to make it backward compatible.
Rails was using the stored keys to remove files, instead of the filenames.
The retry_on method now yields the actual error to the block instead of the exception class.
Wrapping Up
That's it for this week, as always, we couldn't cover all of the changes, but feel free to check the commits. If you'd like to join them, check out the list of open issues. Until next week!
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