Hi there! This is Andy, bringing you the latest edition of This Week in Rails, covering highlights from the Rails community, as well as changes recently made to the framework. Let's dive in!
This week there were 26 contributors to Rails including contributions from 2 first-timers. Thanks!
Ruby 2.5.0 was released on December 25 2017, bringing many exciting changes. This was mentioned last week, but it seemed worth repeating that Rails has been confirmed to work with this version of Ruby.
RailsConf is calling for proposals for its 2018 conference which will be held in Pittsburgh. The deadline is January 19th, so now's the time to get that proposal in!

This change makes it more convenient to work with data accessed via an association that hasn't yet been persisted.
This change makes working with first() and last() when used with a limit more consistent. Take a look!
If you use read_multi as part of your application cache to read multiple values at once, this change makes it possible for you to collect some benchmarks.
For has many through associations that specify conditions, this fix makes sure the associated data is handled properly.
This is a simple change that allows a filename to be passed to Blob#service_url, in the same way as expires_in and disposition.
Wrapping Up
That's it for this week. Many more changes were introduced to Rails than were featured here, check out the full week of commit activity to learn more!

Until next time!
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