Greetings! Daniel here, reporting from Brooklyn, NY.
I know we mentioned this last week, but I am so excited I wanted to mention it again. Rails 6 has been out for a little over a week and has had over 60,000 downloads. Check it out today!
I didn't know much about this part of Rails before looking at this PR. The
connection pool synchronizes thread access to database connections. The reaper continuously calls reap and flush on the connection pool. I have  just one question: can somebody translate Aaron Patterson's comment for me?
This is from the same part of Rails as above. I really enjoyed seeing the collaboration between Guo Xiang Tan and John Hawthorn in these PRs. Nice work!
Anmol Arora noticed and fixed an Active Record bug that has been around for years. Excellent work on your first commit to Rails!
29 people contributed to Rails over the past week, including 8 first-timers.
Check out the full list of changes, and if you are interested in helping out
check out the open issues. Until next time...