Daniel here, writing from chilly NYC to bring you the latest Rails news.
Many thanks to everyone who helped get this amazing release together. It includes Action Text and Action Mailbox, both recently merged into Rails. Try it out today!
Have you ever created a new Rails app without specifying the database system upfront, then realized you need to switch over from SQLite to PostgreSQL? That change is now as simple as running: 
bin/rails db:system:change --to=postgresql
I think we can all appreciate helpful error messages. Many thanks to Eileen for helping us out, and for all of the incredible work to support multiple databases.
The test helpers from the action-cable-testing gem are now fully merged into Rails. Testing your cables has never been easier.
Ruby 2.6 introduced endless ranges. In Rails 6 we will be able to use them in where conditions: 
features.where(awesomeness: 10..)
Before this change, if a directory to be watched was not present in the project, Rails would watch that directory's parent directory instead. In some cases this could lead to watching the entire Rails root directory.
72 people contributed to Rails over the past month. There are still plenty of open issues that could use your help. Will we see your name on the list next week?

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