Hey there, esteemed readers of Rails' public repo tea leaves. It's Kasper bringing you the latest hot cup to steel transcendence from.
Here goes a hey-o to the 16 contributors this week! You can make the list no doubt, try finding an open issue.
New bug fix releases are out, so you can upgrade your apps today.
For applications with multiple databases you always had to create your own rake tasks. No more! One of the stepping stones for Rails 6.0 to have multi db support out of the box is in.
To compare two dates and/or times we'd use the standard < and > operators. Now date arithmetic is a little easier with today.before?(tomorrow) and today.after?(yesterday). Thus joining today.between?(yesterday, tomorrow). Your app now has no excuse not to show up on time!
In the vein of delegate :name, to: :person, prefix: true adding person_name, your store attributes now houses the same trick to squash duplicate accessors. Also sports specific prefixes to really clear the path of method name clashing.
Rails has long had a way to incrementally force users onto HTTPS, a controller level force_ssl! Times have changed and Rails 6.0 deprecates that option in favor of the app-wide config.force_ssl so every endpoint will use HTTPS.
Wrapping Up
There were many more changes to Rails' codebase, which you can check out here.
Until next week!
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