Hi there! It's Greg, bringing you a double-edition of This Week in Rails!
28 people contributed to Rails the past two weeks! If you'd like to join them, why not check out the list of open issues?
New Releases
Although Rails 4.2 is not officially supported anymore, this release fixes some regressions introduced by the previous one. If no new regressions found, the final should be released mid next week.

Rails 5.2 will introduce a new credentials configuration file to store encrypted data like API keys and the secret key base. This will eventually replace Rails.application.secrets and the encrypted secrets introduced in Rails 5.1.
To avoid N+1 queries when using Active Storage, this PR added with_attached_* scope to the has_one_attached macro.

With this change the association pre-loader became slightly faster.
change_table_comment and change_column_comment are implemented for the MySQL adapter as well now.
Bug Fixes
Direct upload in Firefox was not working because it can’t handle click events on input[type=submit], but this PR fixed the problem.
This PR fixes an issue when the config/puma.rb configuration is loaded for system tests.
Wrapping Up
That's it for this now! As always, there isn't enough time to cover every change if you'd like check out the full list of changes yourself.
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