Hi there. Andy here, with the first newsletter of 2021, highlighting some updates to Ruby on Rails over the last few weeks. Let's jump right in!
Add FinderMethods#sole and #find_sole_by to find and assert the presence of exactly one record.
This change provides the ability to post the same form with different HTTP methods. For example PUT and a DELETE requests can be made from the same form.
A Ruby range can now be provided as part of a numericality validator.
Allow the HTML surrounding rich text to be customized while retaining private control over how the rich text itself is rendered.
Change Action View helpers to always render a <button> element.
Add a RedisCacheStore#stats method that is similar to MemCacheStore#stats.
The option config.action_view.preload_links_header was added to allow disabling of the Link header when using stylesheet_link_tag and javascript_include_tag.
ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Query will now respect the getter overrides defined in the model.
45 people contributed to Rails over the last several weeks. Check out the open issues to get involved and help out. Until next week!