Hello everyone! This is Roque bringing you the latest news from the Rails world. I will cover the highlights from the last two weeks. Let's get started!
39 people contributed to Rails in the last two weeks, including 9 for the first time! A big thank you to all of you!

If you'd like to see yourself on that board, why not check out the list of open issues, or get involved in the core discussion list.
Active Storage now supports streaming downloads from Google Cloud Storage. You will need version 1.11 or greater of the gem google-cloud-storage.
This allows control over the content type identification performed by Active Storage. For instance, if identify is false, then you can provide your own content_type value.
Big performance improvement for ordinal generation! The power of benchmarks-oriented solutions.
Now that Rails requires Ruby 2.3 or greater, Rails will use the gem did_you_mean for spelling suggestions. The gem is shipped with Ruby, and automatically required when the Ruby process starts.

Callbacks were being called unexpectedly when errors occur due to a small issue with precedence of logical operators.
If a POST request was followed by a GET request in a controller test, then the rack.input and RAW_POST_DATA headers from the first request would be reset but the CONTENT_LENGTH header would leak to the second request.
Wrapping Up
As always there were many more changes to the Rails codebase than we can cover here. But you can read all about them here! Until next week!
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