Hello everyone! This is Claudio with a recap of the main commits that made it into rails/rails this week. If you too want to contribute to Rails, this outstanding Active Record issue is a great place to start.
A work in progress to improve the documentation of Rails with a nicer theme, better SEO and faster generation time. Can you spot the difference between the current and the future version?
Two weeks ago, Active Storage made it into rails/rails. This week its documentation has been improved to make it ready to ship with Rails 5.2.

If you want to learn how to use benchmarks to prove that a commit can improve the performance of Rails, this is a great example.
The list of available actions for a controller is now eagerly loaded  to reduce response time of the first request and the memory footprint when running on forking server like Unicorn.

Bug fixes
This PR fixes a regression introduced in 5.1.3 by which UnpermittedParameters were not raised as expected.

Without this patch, calling something like validates_uniqueness_of :code, scope: [archived: false] would cause NoMethodError with a trace into AR internals.
You can now more easily use binary data as fixtures.
Don't include yarn in your engines if you don't need it.
Better control on how to store your data.
Thor 0.20 has new features you might want to look at.
That's all for this week! Feel free to check the full list of commits if you are interested. Until next week!
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