Hello everyone! This is Roque bringing you the latest news from the Rails world.

It's been two weeks, so let's begin!
A brand-new framework for managing user uploads is coming to Rails ecosystem.
The TODO list is full of ideas, and it's a great opportunity to send a PR and improve the library.
We had 24 people who helped make the Rails better this week. Two of them contributed for the first time ever! If you would like to help out, check the issues list.
The command will the decrypt encrypted secrets and display them in your console if you have the key file.
You no longer need to enable the CSRF protection when creating new apps. They will be more secure by default.
The new helper method will travel_to Time.now freezing time. You can call it with a block or not.
The UUID validation was allowing mismatched curly braces.
The fix requires both a leading and a trailing curly brace, or neither.
Action Cable will hash channel names with SHA-1 if they reach the limit of 63 bytes.
This change in serialization requires a migration of stored boolean data to use 1 and 0, instead of 't' and 'f'.
You can use this change by enabling the configuration:
ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::SQLite3Adapter.represent_boolean_as_integer = true 
That's it for this week, as always, we couldn't cover all of the changes, but feel free to check the commits if you are interested. Until next week!
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