Happy Sunday! This is Greg bringing you the latest news about Rails.

Another Rake task is moved to Rails::Command, so in Rails 6 you will need to call bin/rails initializers instead of bin/rake initializers.
This change adds a queue option to perform_enqueued_jobs, and if it is set, only the specified queue will be performed.

This PR fixes the issue of rails routes -c UserPermissionsController did not output routes for the corresponding controller, because its name consists of multiple words. 

This PR is basically a merge of the actioncable-testing gem into Rails, to provide testing utilities for Action Cable.
This PR translates service-specific missing object exceptions into one generic ActiveStorage::FileNotFoundError, so the application can fail more gracefully when a missing file is accessed.
With this change, if a transaction is opened and closed without any queries being run, the BEGIN and COMMIT statements are omitted to remove the overhead, and make workarounds like save if changed? unnecessary.
Often times forms have more than one submit button enabling different actions, but before this change, Active Storage used the first submit button of the form, rather than the one the user actually clicked.
Wrapping Up
28 people contributed to Rails this week. If you also want help out, check out the list of open issues!
Until next time!
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