Hi there! This is Claudio with another edition of This Week in Rails. This week we're covering two weeks worth of changes, so let's dive right in.
Since Rails 5.1.0 was released, a handful of minor bugs have been fixed. If you haven't haven't updated to 5.1 yet, do it now! Read the guides to learn how.
In the last two weeks, 30 people committed code to rails/rails. For three of them, this was their first contribution. Thanks!
Many Railsconf talks are now available on the "Confreaks" YouTube channel. Check them out.
This and other PRs have opened up a discussion about how strictly you should indicate the versions of your dependencies. Read more in this RubyGems discussion.
The new version of the mysql2 gem version supports MySQL 8.0.1 bool type.
It was previously loading the "test" environment instead.
One more step to have ActionController::Parameters fully support the same interface as Hash.
As we learned three years ago, flat_map is an order of magnitude faster than map.flatten(1).
That covers just some of the changes in the first couple of weeks of May. Many other great pull requests are available to browse.

Until next week!
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