It's almost Valentine’s Day!
What better way to show your love for Rails than to install the latest Release Candidate and help find issues before 5.2 is released? 💖

All you need is "gem install rails --pre" 💝
Get ready for an amazing mix of keynotes, sessions, and workshops. If you can't decide which talk to attend, I heard this will be a good one.
22 people committed to rails/rails this week. Remember that the master branch now targets Rails 6, so now it's the time to start thinking about features you would love to see there!
Instead of User.limit(1).pluck(:email).first you can now write the more concise User.pick(:email).

rails credentials:edit was ignoring master keys set via ENV. This PR fixes the issue.
Solves a regression introduced in 5.1 that would fail to correctly deserialize a duration like 10.minutes in YAML.
Serialization has been consolidated (#31888) and instrumentation added (#31898) for Redis Cache Store, one of the new features shipping in 5.2.
 blob.service_url now support a String :filename option (#31918), and can pass additional options to service.url (#31854). Oh, and the configuration options of Active Storage are now documented (#31862).
Wrapping Up
If you have any feature request for Rails 6, now it's the time to suggest it. Join the Rails Discussion Group and let the discussion begin. 
See you at RailsConf!
This Week in Rails · 30 N Racine #200 · Chicago IL 60607 · USA
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