Hey there! This is Daniel bringing you the latest news in Rails. I am writing
from RubyConf in Nashville, so come find me and say hello if you are here
As always, this release is loaded with fixes and improvements. Today seems like a good day to upgrade, don't you think?
I am a big fan of detailed commit messages, and this commit has an impressive one. This change will help to eventually support sharding in Rails.
Do you have any jobs that include sensitive arguments like passwords? You probably don't want to see those arguments showing up in your logs. Now you can disable argument logging for any job by setting the log_arguments configuration option.
To ensure deterministic results, records are now ordered by both implicit_order_column and the primary key, when available. This commit is from a first-time contributor. Nice work!
The Rails codebase is fairly complex. It is always nice to see a commit that simplifies it, reduces duplication, and improves behavior while removing lines.
36 people contributed since last time, including several first-time
contributors. Check out the full list of changes.

Bye for now! 👋🏻