Hello everyone! This is Kir with the latest news from the Rails world.
36 people helped to make Rails better this week with 5 of them for the first time! If you want to be one of them, checkout the issues list, help is always welcomed!

Previously, Rails test suite run in sorted manner because some tests were order dependent. With help from many contributors, now we run a fully randomized test suite.
Active Storage serves blobs via redirects that are not cached by some browsers. The PR makes them always cache the attachment URL.
The PR improves the error message in case ActiveRecord couldn't find records by multiple IDs.
Previously, a chain like `Account.where(invoices: Invoice.where(paid: true))` could result to unexpected query using wrong column as a primary key.
That's all for this week, as always, we couldn't cover all of the changes, but feel free to check the commits if you are interested. Until next week!
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