Hey there, it's Kasper, bringing you the latest edition of This Week in Rails!
28 people contributed to Rails the past week! If you'd like to join them, why not check out the list of open issues?
All the code that was deprecated in Rails 5.1 is now removed in one fell swoop by the Rails 5.2 release manager — now you know how these removals are handled too, so please don't send individual removal PRs.

Psssst: it also brings us another step closer to the first 5.2 beta.
Allows gems or app code to hook in when
ActionDispatch::SystemTestCase has been fully loaded.
When passed false, the new allow_other_host option will restrict redirect_back links to just the current host, so users will only stay on your site.

It's not on by default, so users can enjoy a trip off-world on another host.
Wrapping Up
That's it for this now! As always, there isn't enough time to cover every change if you'd like check out the full list of changes yourself.
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